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SDK Package and Licensing

GoodSync SDK Package contains:

  • GoodSync SDK User Manual in MS Word.
  • Sample Code in C# / Visual Basic
  • To run GoodSync SDK, you would need:

  • GoodSync ver 9.7 or later
  • GoodSync Enterprise license
  • GoodSync SDK package that you can request below

  • Get GoodSync SDK Package and Licensing Info

    If you want to try GoodSync SDK or inquire about licensing terms, please fill out the form to Request the SDK and include the following:

  • Your name and your company name
  • Your full contact info: email, phones, address
  • How you plan to use GodSync SDK in your product
  • How many users your product will have

  • Please share your contact details and project requirements with us,
    and we will show you why GoodSync is the right software for you.

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