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Uninterrupted service and high availability are two key elements of any modern business process. Business continuity planning includes various data redundancy models trough different mission critical data synchronization processes.

About 70% of business have experienced mission critical data loss or denial of service due to accidental deletion, disk or system failure, viruses, fire, ransomware, and other malicious activities.

Ensuring uninterrupted service and high availability through data synchronization can include these three use cases below:

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Data synchronization between critical operation centers

Effective data synchronization between file, web, or database servers will ensure high availability and uninterrupted service. Effective mission critical data synchronization process is the essential prerequisite of every load balancing strategy.

Data synchronization between critical operation centers
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Synchronization between remote workstations and centralized location

Distributed workforce and BYOD policies are demanding an effective way for users to access, edit, and save changes to project files located on designated data servers. Effective data synchronization plan must be in place replacing unsecure shadow IT solutions.

Synchronization between remote workstations and centralized location
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Synchronization between centralized server and mission critical data repository

Mission critical data is often very time sensitive and real time synchronization to a local or remote repository or access point is essential part of any Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategy. Popular mission critical data repositories include cloud storage accounts and NAS devices.

Synchronization between centralized server and mission critical data repository
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When creating a project or environment specific data synchronization strategy, we must take into consideration certain factors such as data size, time sensitivity as well as available network resources.

GoodSync is a universal data synchronization platform. GoodSync allows businesses to customize their own data synchronization strategy for each given environment by combining the world's most advanced data synchronization options with multiple data destination support with an easy to use interface.

Popular Synchronization Destinations vs Data Loss Risk Factors

Protects From: On Premise Synchronization Remote Synchronization Cloud Synchronization
Accidental Deletion
Data Corruption
Disk/System Failure
Viruses / Malware
Power Outage

GoodSync is a universal synchronization platform that gives businesses the flexibility to implement a variety of synchronization solutions in one software package.

GoodSync can execute multiple synchronization jobs simultaneously. Each job can have its own set of synchronization points and automation options based on the time sensitivity of the data, its size and frequency of changes.

Backup Automation vs Data Characteristics

Destination Real-Time Synchronization Periodic Synchronization Scheduled Synchronization
On Premise
Data Time Sensitivity Real-Time Synchronization Periodic Synchronization Scheduled Synchronization
High Availability

A successful mission critical data synchronization strategy is carefully tailored by combining most relevant synchronization points with optimal automation options to provide uninterrupted service and high availability.

Please feel free to consult our most used synchronization scenarios to get insight on specific GoodSync synchronization setups. Our experts are ready to assist you in designing, evaluating, and setting up customized synchronization strategy for your business.

Other GoodSync synchronization advanced features include: version control, bandwidth throttling, notifications, conflict resolution, ACL permission detection and propagation, as well as file locking.

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