GoodSync Account FAQ

Q: Why do I need GoodSync Account?
A1: Manage Licenses, assign and re-assign them to Devices.
A2: Automatic Login to GoodSync Support web site.
A3: Use it for GoodSync Connect to sync between two or more computers directly.
A4: GoodSync Storage -- fast and reliable.

Q: My GoodSync Account does not exist, what should I do?
A: Create new GoodSync Account, it is free.
You have existing GoodSync Account, only if you have existing GoodSync Connect account.

Q: Is GoodSync Account the same as GoodSync Connect Account?
A: Yes, GoodSync Account is a generalization and widening of GoodSync Connect Account.

Q: Is GoodSync Account the same as GoodSync Support Account?
A: No, they are not the same.
GoodSync Support Account credentials will not work for GoodSync Account.
GoodSync Support System (GSSS) allow auto-login from GoodSync Account.

Q: How is GoodSync Account related to Orders and Customer ID in PUMS?
Payment and User Management System (PUMS) is our original system used to track License and Orders.
We will be migrating all GoodSync Licenses from PUMS to GoodSync Account.
So you will not have to remember Order IDs, as all Licenses will reside in your GoodSync Account.

Q: What to do about Multiple Accounts for One Email?
A: This happens when you created several GoodSync Connect accounts, all of them having the same email.
Now GoodSync Mediator enforces unique Email -> Account translation, so you should delete all GS Connect Accounts that you do not use and leave only one good account. Use Password Reset if you forgot account password.

Q: Why do you have several account realms, seems a bit too much?
A: We heard you, so we are consolidating all these realms into GoodSync Account.