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Bryan Mason,
Senior Director of Digital Media,
Our work with GoodSync ensures that creatives, the world over, can access the latest versions of their files, no matter where they are.

Jonathan Everitt,
Systems Administrator,
Norconsult Iyanda (Pty) Ltd
Since having discovered Goodsync's capabilities in performing data synchronization between office branches in 2012, it is the only product I'd recommend for keeping data sets between offices up to date and backed up, on workstations and servers.
Eric Keller,
Data Protection Engineer,
Alexion Pharmaceuticals
We needed to automate the shipment of files from a secured network and GoodSync provided us with a cost-effective, easy-to-manage and secure solution.

Jonathan A. Duke,
Technology Wizard,
Sally & Fitch LLP
I've been happy with the capabilities of the software-having a wealth of destination options means I can use one tool for all my backup.

Ali Atwi,
System Engineer,
Arab Business Machine (Apple Authorized Distributor)
We have been using GoodSync on a large scale project, and it is working perfect. It's a software that you can trust and depend on, and I have had the pleasure to work with. Keep up the good work.

Bill Hardigan,
Emerging Operations Engineer,
We've had a very positive experience using Goodsync. We tried several off-the-shelf tools like robocopy/rsync/synctoy etc and found Goodsync's ability to deal with very large file repositories and flexibility in timing and method of synchronization to be far superior to other alternatives. We would certainly consider further use of Goodsync in our production env wherever applicable.
David van Heeswijk,
STORM Post Production
We are now using goodsync to perform backups from one server to the other. Which works realy well. Extremely fast and reliable.

Industry Solutions

With over 20 years experience helping various organizations with technology, we have found our solutions applicable to many industries, including:


Increased demand for mobility combined with BYOD policies among students and staff members are dictating a need for uninterrupted access and delivery of course materials, student records and business documents. Geographically dispersed offices and campuses need to be in constant data sync to ensure full data redundancy, access point independence, and system survivability.

Financial Services

Time sensitivity of financial data, combined with the demand for mobile access, security, and quick automatic recovery are dictating the need for real-time document access and backup. Users must be able to access, edit, and save a documents in a fast and secure manner from any location. Saved data then need to be backed up in real-time mode to ensure complete data redundancy.


To improve operational efficiency, healthcare providers must embrace mobility as well as the need to automatically deliver data from remote computers to a central location. Geographically dispersed hospitals and offices must have the ability to back up their data to multiple destination points to ensure compliance with HIPAA, privacy laws, and other security policies.


Mobility, data security, and budgetary constraints are defining solution requirements for most Government agencies today. GoodSync delivers platform independent, mass deployable remote file access, data backup and synchronization solutions at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. Platform independence allows GoodSync to easily integrate into other business processes.


Remote construction sites need the ability to access, edit, and save project documents in fast and secure manner. Different construction sites must be able to keep project documentation in sync with central location to ensure recovery in case of a disaster. Uninterrupted remote file access and redundancy of project data reflects positively on productivity, project delivery time, and operational efficiency.


Automated and secure data transfer from remote locations to the centralized destination, as well as data synchronization between critical operations centers, are crucial components in this highly regulated industry. Data loss is not an option for companies involved in energy production, distribution, and management.

Media & Entertainment

The success of a company in the media & entertainment industry is defined by its ability to connect remote offices and teams in a functional, secure, and fast information sharing environment. Data synchronization of large media files between operation centers, as well as complete data redundancy, are a must in the media & entertainment industry today.

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