GoodSync is the new home for Allway Sync

We invite Allway Sync users to migrate to GoodSync. GoodSync offers more features and works on all devices.

Allway Sync customers will receive 12 months of GoodSync Personal and 10GB of GoodSync Storage—a $40 value, for FREE.

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What is GoodSync?

GoodSync is an easy-to-use tool for automated data backup and synchronization across mutiple destinations and platforms. It works on all devices and operating systems including servers, NAS, and mobile devices.

GoodSync supports connection to all local and remote file systems, cloud storage providers, and offers its own cloud storage.

What is GoodSync?

Why GoodSync is better than Allway Sync

Allway Sync GoodSync
Backup jobs i One way data transfers jobs from source to destination.
Synchronization jobs i Two way data transfers jobs between two sides.
Job automation i Periodical and scheduled backup and synchronization jobs.
Version history control i Saves single or multiple versions of your data change history, ensuring maximum protection and minimal data recovery time.
Copy locked files i Guaranteed backup and synchronization of files that are simultaneously open on users' devices.
Data encryption i Improves security by applying AES-256 bit encryption to your mission critical data in transit and at rest.
Number of supported devices i A single Allway Sync license is valid for use on only one device, whereas a GoodSync license allows for use on up to five devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and NAS. 1 5
Supported operating systems i Windows

Windows, Mac, Server OS, Linux, NAS, iOS, Android
Windows Windows, Mac, Server OS,
Linux, NAS, iOS, Android
Remote connection to other devices i Any remote device you install GoodSync on and sign in with your account can become part of your backup and sync jobs.
Unattended service i Runs as a background service, performing automated, scheduled, and real-time backups with no user interaction required.
Real time backup and sync i Automated, scheduled, and real-time backup and synchronization with no user interaction required.
Block level data transfer i Propagates only the data blocks changed since the last analysis, significantly reducing backup time, network consumption, and storage requirements.
Proprietary cloud storage i Our own proprietary cloud storage offers the fastest, safest, and the most affordable way to securely and easily backup and restore data from any of your devices directly from GoodSync interface.
Proprietary file system i Our proprietary file transfer protocol GoodSync Connect, allows direct, fast, and secure P2P data transfer between all of your devices including servers, NAS, and mobile.
GoodSync Explorer i Remotely access your data stored on any device or cloud storage account from a single interface with GoodSync Explorer - it's convenient, quick and secure.
Premium technical support i 24/7 technical and setup support via our ticketing support system.