GoodSync Storage

Cloud Storage

Our own proprietary cloud storage offers the fastest, safest, and the most affordable way to securely and easily backup and restore data from any of your devices directly from GoodSync interface.

GoodSync Cloud Storage Benefits

Resumable Upload and Download

Fast Upload and Download Speed

GoodSync Cloud Storage speed is as close to the local disk as possible. All modern cloud based services regulate the speed in which you can upload and download your data, making transferring large or numerous files very time consuming. Our Cloud Storage is different and allows for numerous and large files to be uploaded and downloaded with no bandwidth throttling.

Built-in Block-Level Data Transfer

When a user changes a file, most backup and synchronization programs can identify that the file has changed and upload/download the entire file. With GoodSync Connect, we identify the specific parts (blocks) of the changed file and propagate only those changes. This significantly reduces backup time, network consumption, and storage requirements.

Faster Synchronization of Large Files
Increased Upload and Download Speed

Instant Recovery Following a Connection Loss

If the file download or upload process is stopped, either by you or due to the connection loss, GoodSync Cloud Storage enables instant and seamless resume exactly at the point where it stopped. This significantly reduces backup time and network consumption.

How Does GoodSync Storage

To start your free 30 day trial of GoodSync Storage, simply log in to your GoodSync Account and under the Storage section select the disk size and request your free trial. 

Step-by-Step Tutorial
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