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GoodSync Enterprise is a versatile and cost-effective backup and synchronization solution that works with a variety of services and storage devices, giving you maximum flexibility, ease of use, and reliability. GoodSync Enterprise connects all the computers and storage devices on your LAN/WAN, including removable devices, network storage, and devices connected through FTP, SFTP or WebDAV. It is easily configured to any network and can deploy several backup strategies, including:

  • Backup or synchronization to a network storage media through LAN/WAN
  • Backup or synchronization to a centrally located file server through the Internet
  • Backup or synchronization to a removable media

Safe, Dependable Backup and Synchronization

Corporate data has to be current and accessible to all workers, wherever they are, and it has to be protected from loss. A modern data plan therefore involves both synchronization and backup.

File Synchronization (or 'syncing') is the process of ensuring that the same, up-to-date files are accessible from multiple storage locations. If a user adds, changes, or deletes a file from one location, the synchronization process will add, change, or delete the same file at all other locations. Files are copied in both directions, keeping two or more locations in sync with each other.

File backup is the last line of defense against data loss. It involves making a one-way copy of files from a source to a backup location. Backing up corporate data is a necessity in today's business environment. Loss of important images, spreadsheets, MP3 files, financial documents or emails can have a significant impact on a business. The corporate IT professional must be able to promptly restore such lost files from a backup copy.

GoodSync Enterprise is a unique tool that combines file backup and synchronization capabilities for a wide range of uses within an organization, including:

  • Traditional file backup of individual workstations
  • Synchronization of files across several workstations
  • Backup of files located on servers
  • Synchronization of files between backup servers - creation of redundant backups
  • Synchronization of shared folders
  • Synchronization of multiple work places for a single employee
  • Central publishing of information to workstations
  • Web server management - smart code publishing, user input and activity log backup
  • Synchronization of files between workstations and mobile devices

File Synchronization and Backup Technology

GoodSync Enterprise is built on technology that has nearly one million active users in the consumer market as well as large corporate and government entities such as Cabot, GE Money, HSBC Bank, Australian Agency for International Development, and more. GoodSync Enterprise includes many advanced features such as:

  • Task scheduling
  • Include/exclude file filters
  • Results logging
  • File deletion propagation
  • Preservation of deleted files and previous versions of changed files
  • The ability to copy ACLs
  • The ability to copy open files
  • Synchronization and backup on such events as connection to a folder (either network or removable), on GoodSync start, or on user logoff
  • The ability to work with third-party online storage services

GoodSync Enterprise is primarily a Windows-based program that has graphical (GUI) and command-line interfaces.

The GUI version has a configurable interface that includes the list of file synchronization jobs, multiple left/right folder file views, and include/exclude filters. General program options, job configuration, and scheduling can all be set up from the interface.

The rich command-line interface, which also works on Linux systems, makes the package script-ready and provides the ability to perform the following operations remotely from a login script:

  • Configure workstations
  • Execute existing workstation synchronization or backup tasks
  • Perform synchronization or backup remotely and transparently to the workstation user

Comparison of File Backup vs. Traditional Backup

Corporate backup strategies have been in place for a very long time. Under a typical backup plan, a business may copy all corporate files to tape on a daily basis, usually on off-business hours. Those tapes are then generally stored in an offsite location on a weekly basis. When files need to be restored, the correct tapes have to be located and loaded, and the actual file recovery can be a lengthy process.

One of the core differences between GoodSync and the traditional Enterprise backup solutions is that GoodSync stores files in their native form and does not create an aggregate file (e.g., a BAK file). This core difference provides a number of advantages:

  • Files are stored on online media eliminating the need for tapes/platters and their offsite management
  • Eliminates the possibility of frequently occurring BAK file corruption
  • Separates user files from system files and programs, thus streamlining the process of issuing new hardware and the loading of archived user files
  • File storage is transparent as the backup can be maintained online - a great benefit for compliance and legal departments, as well as general corporate governance
  • System recovery from backup up files is a one-step process that eliminates the lengthy process of locating the tape in storage, physically moving the tape to the restoration facility, and restoring the data from tape
  • Eliminates the need to store duplicate files, thus making the use of storage space much more efficient

Analysis of Enterprise File Synchronization and Backup Products

Unlike other file synchronization solutions, GoodSync provides a wide range of Enterprise options that include:

  • Mass deployment (installation, activation)
  • Reliable delegation of the backup/synchronization process to user workstations
  • Backup or synchronization of file storages located on servers on the same network
  • Backup or synchronization between storage devices on different networks connected only through the Internet
  • Remote configuration of workstations
  • Remote execution of existing synchronization or backup tasks on workstations
  • Remote synchronization or backup of workstation files; transparent to the user
  • Synchronization/backup task completion status communicated via e-mail or return code
  • Ability to specify a program to execute prior to post backup or synchronization task

Unique Functionality

GoodSync Enterprise has a number of unique features, including:

  • The ability to use Windows environment variables in folder paths
  • The ability to remember individual removable storage media units to prevent unintended synchronization with an unrelated unit.
  • Foolproof mechanisms, such as the ability to set up a difference threshold that, if exceeded, would stop the synchronization process to prevent unintended synchronization
  • A wide choice of conflict resolution options when files have been changed in multiple versions after the last synchronization was performed
  • Ability to specify scripts that can be executed at different points of the synchronization process
  • A wide range of synchronization or backup modes that include Forced and Verified
  • A configurable reconnect option
  • The ability to limit the file copy speed to prevent the program from consuming 100% of the bandwidth on a slow connection
  • The ability to restrict the functionality available to a non-administrative user through registry-based policies
  • The ability to accommodate a number of backup topologies that can automatically create multiple copies of files on removable media, network storage or geographically remote file storage devices across Internet


Every company, from the single-owner Mom and Pop shop to the largest and most complex and geographically dispersed companies in the world, needs to have a reliable data synchronization and backup plan. Technology advancements in both hardware and software have made implementing and managing a comprehensive and effective plan easier than ever. And it's essential that such a plan be put in place today before the company suffers from a potential disaster tomorrow.

GoodSync Enterprise is a unique, cost-effective package that combines flexibility and robust features to allow network administrators to securely implement a number of highly survivable and scalable backup topologies. It enables the creation of easily recovered, redundant file storages across the most popular data transfer protocols and storage media, ensuring your organization's critical data is always available and always up to date.

GoodSync Enterprise's advanced features and flexibility offer a dramatic improvement over traditional backup, or the use of backup services. It is designed as the ideal solution for any organization -- to ensure that your files are backed up, secure and accessible.

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