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GoodSync Enterprise - The Ideal Solution For Corporate File Synchronization and Backup

GoodSync Enterprise is a versatile and cost-effective backup and synchronization solution that works with a variety of services and storage devices, giving you maximum flexibility, ease of use, and reliability. GoodSync Enterprise connects all the computers and storage devices on your LAN/WAN, including removable devices, network storage, and devices connected through FTP, SFTP or WebDAV. It is easily configured to any network and can deploy several backup strategies.

GoodSync Control Center - Data and Security

A limited amount of data is stored within the Control Center about your Users, Computers, GoodSync Jobs, and Job Runs. This data is stored securely within our SQL database in our Tier One Data Center.
The following is all of the Data shared between the Client (GoodSync running on your Workstation or Server) and the Server (the Control Center.

De-duplication and Compression in Backup and Synchronization

Learn more about de-duplication and compression and their impact on backup and synchronization optimization.

Ransomware Protection through Multiple Backup Copies and Backup Destinations

Ransomware is a type of malware that attempts to find any back door it can into the target's computer, where it will install cryptolocker-style software; it encrypts user's files and demands payment for the cryptographic keys to unlock it. Usually the primary means of infection appear to be through phishing emails containing malicious attachments, phony FedEx and UPS tracking notices, and even through pop-up ads.

Learn how GoodSync can help to protect your data from Ransomware.

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