Business Solutions

One Solution for Three Challenges

Complete data synchronization solutions for businesses in the following scenarios:

Workstation Synchronization

Keep user's data on workstations automatically synchronized with a centralized server.
Local and remote users synchronizing all their data through a real-time unattended service.
Online and offline access to all critical data.

Server Synchronization

Keep all of your data synchronized between critical operation centers.
Ensure high availability and uninterrupted access through real-time, automated, unattended synchronization service.

Server to Cloud/NAS Synchronization

Synchronize your server data with a NAS device or cloud storage directly from GoodSync Server.
Supports all major Cloud service providers.
Custom installers available for Western Digital, Synology and other Linux based NAS devices.

Synchronization Scenarios

What would you like to setup with GoodSync Enterprise?

Server Operating System

Commonly used Synchronization Scenarios for Server Operating Systems

Workstation Operating Systems

Commonly used Synchronization Scenarios for Workstation Operating Systems

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